Common-rail double-walled fuel injection pipes

Ready for EU Tier V

New engines over 300 kW must meet the EU "Stage V", emission standard in shipping. To meet this norm, an efficient fuel injection system is needed. Therefore common-rail is state of the art. These type of engines are available but not for marine usage. For this issue, Gall & Seitz Systems GmbH has developed and tested successfully double-walled fuel injection pipes.


Our pipes are characterized by:

  • Planning and production of your individual pipe geometry
  • Laser welded cones -> improved reliability
  • Long-term pressure tested
  • Up to 2,500 bar working pressure
  • Own production for attachment parts -> short delivery terms
  • Hand-bended
  • Tension-free
  • 100% inspection of the leakage pipe
  • Certification after rules of DNV, BV, LR and others on request