Gall & Seitz Systems

Our Headquarter in Hamburg


Gall & Seitz Systems is a modern managed organisation with a flat hierarchy.


The location of Gall & Seitz Systems in Hamburg is established since 1888.

At that time the former company Gall & Seitz GmbH was founded as barge service company. Already after some years it turned out that the maintenance and repair of sea going vessels is an attractive working field.

Within the years Gall & Seitz GmbH turned into a well known and established company within Hamburg Harbour. Cooperations with Wärtsilä boost the business in the 1980th.

In parallel the production of high pressure pipes was established, at that time with main focus on 2-stroke Wärtsilä engines. Within the years a wide range of premium pipes for different makers and engine types was developed.

One mile stone in design improvement is the invention of star tube. The patented design leads to reduced vibrations, reduced weight and therefore enhanced lifetime. Furthermore first research activities in Laser processing were started.

At the beginning of 20th century activities in Laser-Powder-Cladding of pistons were increased and finally in 2007 the commercial reconditioning of 4-stroke pistons started. Based on the competences in Laser-Powder-Cladding and pipe production unique double walled fuel pipes for 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines were developed and very successfully introduced to the market.

Headquarter in Hamburg