Gall & Seitz Systems, Cuxhaven

Our New Location in Cuxhaven

Since 01.08.2011 Gall & Seitz Systems has a new work shop in Cuxhaven.

At this new location Gall & Seitz Systems GmbH, Cuxhaven, offers services with special focus on steel and stainless steel constructions, engineering and construction of plants and conveyance and ship repair.

The new and highly motivated and well educated team together with our local work shop manager Daniel Gonzalez consists of former employees from company Techen und Stephens and a number of co-workers specialized in steel and ship construction and welding.

After the very successful start, we are looking forward to get established as reliable, durable and present service provider for the local ship owners, industry and private persons.

We are looking forward for your inquiry and we will do our best to meet your expectations at an optimal service.