High Pressure Pipe Production

Tailor-made, highest quality and short delivery times

One of the core businesses of Gall & Seitz Systems is the high quality pipe production based on many years of experiences, offering series production as well as individually constructed high pressure pipes for fuel and hydraulic applications.

Short delivery times and a large stock of pressure pipes enables us to react immediately on customer demand.

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Strict criterias apply to quality

The high pressure pipes fulfil the highest requirements of material, stability, production tolerances and surface quality.

Each pipe is individually examined several times during the production process and on customer demand certified by any certifying authority.

Any geometry is practically possible

The high pressure pipes of Gall & Seitz are tailor-made and individually designed. Any pipe geometry can be realized according to model or drawing. We ensure a precise geometry through our defined production process and a zero-potential montage, thus a proper operation.

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Our production

The entire production process takes place in our workshops, from straight semi-manufactured product to ready for use and bended high pressure pipe. Hereby we achieve quickest possible delivery times with optimal quality.

The production of the attachment parts is also carried out in our work shops.

The pipes are delivered from specialized subcontractors as semi-manufactured products.


Several double-walled pipes ca be delivered as Star-Tube design. These patent registered Star-Tube pipes are the optimal technical and cost-efficient solution for several high pressure applications:

  • Marginal vibrations
  • Minor weight
  • Free from wear

A set of 2-stroke pipes well-known producers of conventional double-walled pipes can be replaced by Star-Tube pipes.